We are eager to utilize this expansion opportunity to create a physical complex that allows us to maximize cutting-edge pedagogies that are emerging as a result of changes in the ways students obtain and utilize knowledge in a digital age. Specifically, our vision for this expansion project include:

  • AN EXPANDED AND BEAUTIFIED BEIT KNESSET, designed with high ceilings, maximum natural light, excellent acoustics and a large stage, will foster inspired tefila and be conducive to communal learning, gathering and celebration.
  • AN ENLARGED, CENTRALLY LOCATED BEIT MIDRASH will serve as a focal point of Torah study and will significantly enhance our existing culture of chavruta study.
  • A LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER, equipped with a full-time research specialist, cutting-edge hardware and software, and a full complement of books and online databases, will create an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration.
  • AN EXPANDED LEARNING CENTER, designed with a large work area surrounded by smaller alcoves, will be ideal for offering multiple, simultaneously-run individual and/or small-group skill-building classes. In addition, placement of our expanded Learning Center in close proximity to our library/media hub will afford easy access to abundant educational technology tools aimed at reinforcing skill acquisition. Side view of the new building. Interior of Beit Knesset/ Communal Space.
  • DEDICATED SPACES FOR FINE ARTS CLASSES AND PROGRAMMING, including art, music, performance, dance, and culinary arts, will allow for the cultivation of creative expression that intrinsically fosters reflection, self-criticism, experimentation, persistence, and even playfulness — important skills in and of themselves, but crucial for maximal success in a competitive and sophisticated workforce.
  • ADDITIONAL SCIENCE & STEAM LAB SPACES are needed to support our award-winning STEAM program. As our school grows, so does our need for additional science and STEAM lab spaces that support experimentation and project-based learning.

Fully implemented, this capital project will add almost 30,000 square ft to our current footprint, an increase of approximately 50%. In addition to the educational benefits enumerated above, this expansion will also provide:

  • Eight additional classrooms
  • Enlarged lobby
  • Enhanced security booth
  • Kitchen facility
  • Four gathering spaces, each large enough to comfortably accommodate an entire grade, allowing for programming that relies upon simultaneous full-grade gatherings.
  • Multipurpose room/cafeteria large enough to comfortably accommodate the entire student body.
  • Additional student lounge facilities with a 2nd-floor outdoor patio.
  • An expandable communal space, outfitted with a stageand designed with excellent acoustics, large enough to accommodate over 700 people.